Soho shopping guide

Soho shopping guide

Soho in New York City is notable for its fashion boutiques and art galleries, but what is the best way to visit this buzzing neighborhood? Which streets can’t you miss, what hot art galleries are worth visiting right now? This post attempts to answer these and all related questions. Summing up the hottest cafes and shops, you can easily fill a day exploring all these spots.

Before we start, have a look at the map below. The hotspots in this post are located mostly in Soho and a few places in Nolita. The easiest way to plan your route is by starting at the upper left corner of the map, at Prince Street. From there you walk South to the marked places on the lower side of the map. Finish the day at Bowery with the art galleries and museums.

Shopping streets not to miss in Soho are Prince Street, Mercer Street, and Howard Street. Some say that Broadway Street can not be missed, but in my opinion, this one is a little busy and I wouldn’t mind skipping it.

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This women’s clothing store with a focus on emerging designers is definitely worth peeping in when in the area. Their brand stands by ethical and sustainable fashion, and best of all: it’s super stylish.
Visit their website here.

Anthom in Soho, New York City.


A jeans store that is specialized in making customized men’s and women’s jeans. They have their actual atelier here and you can peep inside to see people sewing the jeans live! Next to that, they have a small selection of other, unique clothes. You will also find a few artworks made of clothes here, like the one in the picture below. A fun store to wander around!
Visit their website here.

3x1, a store specialized in customized jeans, in Soho New York City.

Broadway Market Co

A real gem. While most stores in the area may sell unique things, their brands aren’t that small anymore and have often more than one store location in NYC. Broadway Market Co gives smaller designers and artists the chance to be located in the fashion district too. In this building, you will find several stalls with original and often handmade clothing or jewelry. The perfect place to find something unique.
Visit their website here.

Opening Ceremony

This store caught my eye from the first time I saw it online. With its funky interior, you can’t expect something other than crazy designs with unique details. This store will make you happy just by walking through it.
Visit their website here.

Opening Ceremony in Soho, New York City.

The Future Perfect

A contemporary design gallery showcasing furniture and decoration from various artists.
Visit their website here.


Chobani Soho

A great place to relax during your Soho walk. Find yourself a spot in the sun and people-watch while drinking your coffee or a healthy smoothie.
Visit their website here.

Chobani in Soho, New York City.


It seems like everyone in New York knows Maman, and this has its reasons. This cozy cafe’s menu highlights childhood favorites from the South of France and North America. You can go here for breakfast, lunch, brunch, coffee, or a drink every day of the week. Next to Soho, Maman has locations in TriBeCa, Hudson, Greenpoint, and Meatpacking District.
Visit their website here.

Sweet Moment

A cafe that makes artsy creations of your dessert or coffee. Go here for a sweet snack and Insta-worthy pictures of your order.


Here you will find Indonesian cuisine with French influence. Chef Cedric Vongenechten will surprise you with its beautiful creations and perfect taste palette. Be sure to try out one of their innovative cocktails at the bar! The restaurant is located in Nolita, only a short walk from Soho.
Visit their website here.


If you have been searching for cute eating options in NYC, you probably already noticed the facade of this restaurant somewhere. The interior resembles a colonial American tavern, with wooden floors and tables and animals on each wall. The menu suits the interior, with food that is simple, rustic, and inspired by Old World traditions.
Visit their website here.


Louis K. Meisel Gallery

A gallery that is definitely worth entering when in the neighborhood. Specialized in photorealism, you will find amazing pieces here. For some artworks, it is only noticeable from close by that they are in fact a painting and not a photo.
Visit their website here.

Ronald Feldman Gallery

This gallery can have great contemporary art exhibitions. It exhibits performance, photography, new media, film, painting, drawing and sculpture.
Visit their website here.

Ronald Feldman Gallery in Soho, New York City.

New Museum of Contemporary Art

Not a gallery this time, but a whole museum. Pro: more art, con: you have to pay to enter. But that shouldn’t stop you from entering since the exhibitions are usually really worth it.
Visit their website here.

New Museum at Bowery in New York City.

GR gallery

A small gallery on Bowery with a good taste in art. The artwork below was part of the exhibition while we were visiting. It is actually a wooden plate, cut in this unusual form, and painted over to make it look like the paint was there first.
Visit their website here.

GR Gallery in New York City.

The Hole

This place loves funky and colorful art, the kind that makes you happy by looking at it. The artworks here are different from the works in most galleries in NYC. Definitely a spot that you can not miss if you’re into art.
Visit their website here.

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